Sports India is a name to rely for professional Sports Flooring Services including Wooden Sports Flooring and Synthetic Sports Flooring. The company upholds client-centric approach so as to meet high expectations of the clients. It is committed to provide world-class Flooring Installation Services at reasonable cost.

PU Tennis Court

  • PU Synthetic Flooring
  • Sports India “SPOPU” Sports Flooring “Spopu” SYNTHETIC POLYURETHANE FLOOR Multi-purpose Sports Flooring The “greenest” synthetic polyurethane floor on the market. To satisfy the ever-growing demand for environmentally friendly products and to support “green” building initiatives, Spopu Floor Systems is proud to offer a completely solvent-free synthetic polyurethane multipurpose floor system. Sports India “Spopu” Silicon PU technology is a new technology developed and promoted on the basis of PU (Polyurethane) materials. This material is the compound with polyurethane and silicon, and is used for paving all kinds of sports fields. Comparing with the traditional PU materials, it's more durable, weather resistance technology stable. Totally solvent-free — from bottom layer to top coat – “Spopu” sports flooring.

    SI (Sports India) ‘SPOPU” Sports Court Floor that are widely used in middle to high class courts. Our high quality standards and state-of-art manufacturing facility helps us to produce the best range of courts. These courts can be customized by our skilled manufactures as per the requirements of our valuable clients.

    Features of SI (SPORTS INDIA) “SPOPU” Flooring: Whether you are running, jumping or stand still, the double­layer of silicon PU will provide you with more comfort. It is not only of good shock absorption and moderate elasticity, but also non-slip, anti-aging and good reduction of the injuries.
    Construction procedure: Substrates to be coated have to be firm, dry load bearing and free of loose and brittle particles and substances which impair adhesion such as oil, grease, paint or other contaminants. If it is the cement concrete substrate, the painting must be coated on. Apply the silicon PU on the pre-treated asphalt or cement substrate, using the paint roller or other tools to pave it carefully and keep the surface in the same thickness. Draw the lines according to the designing for different sport fields.

    Specifications of SI (SPORTS INDIA) ‘SPOPU” Sports Court Floor: Use of Material ------- Silicon Polyurethane/ Polyurethane Method of Packing ------- Iron barrel packaging/Drums Method of Install ------- Roller coating/Spray coating Colour -------- Any colour According to Customer's Requirement Application Ares -------- Outdoor or indoor sports court Rebound --------- >95% Shock absorption --------- 37% Friction coefficient ------- 0.52 Application Multi-purpose: Outdoor or Indoor Sports Arena